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  • Fully Automatic Operation: This food vacuum sealer comes with a fully automatic operation system. When you put the bag into the vacuum chamber and press the mode button, it will automatically close the lid and complete the vacuuming and sealing work. Easy operation saves your time.
  • LED Progress Bar: The design of the LED progress bar is an innovation we made to let you know the progress of the vacuum work clearly. With this progress bar, you don’t need to stare at the machine all the way to determine whether it has completed. In addition, this progress bar also brings a more technological appearance to the machine, which is very suitable for your modern kitchen, and is also an ideal gift for friends and family.
  • 5 In 1 Vacuum Sealer: Another major feature of this vacuum sealer is that it is equipped with five preset modes, which allows you to choose different modes according to the softness, hardness, dryness and wetness of the food. To a large extent, the Meticulous vacuum force can make the food achieve perfect freshness. In addition, it supports external vacuum to vacuum cans, jars and wine bottles.
  • Keep Fresh 7 Times Longer: The vacuum machine extracts the air in the vacuum bag to prevent the oxidation reaction to achieve long-term storage. Vacuum-sealed meat can be extended fresh to 15-20 months, fish 10-12 months, biscuits and nuts 18-24 months. More importantly, even though the preservation period of the food has been extended several times, the taste and color of the food also be well preserved.
  • Starter Kits: A full set of accessories allows you to use it immediately after opening the box without additional purchase: 10 vacuum bags, a built-in bag opener and a hose for external vacuum.


  • Brand: Abox
  • Rated Voltage: 120VAC
  • Rated Frequency: 60Hz
  • Rate Power: 85W
  • Max Seal Width: 11.02 inch
  • Vacuum Pump: -55KPa
  • Noise: <70dBb
  • Assembled Product Dimensions (L x W x H): 15.24 x 3.86 x 9.04 Inches

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