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Aglucky Ice Maker for countertop, fast ice making in 8 mins get 9pcs. Ice maker countertop with self-cleaning function, just press ON/OFF button for 5s to start self-cleaning mode, which allows you not to spend time cleaning it basically.


  • Efficient Ice Making: Equipped with a high quality compressor, this ice maker can produce approximately 9 ice cubes in 6-13 minutes and is capable of producing approximately 26 lbs of ice cubes in 24 hours.
  • With this low noise countertop ice machine you can get fresh ice in a short time.
  • Easy to Carry & Wide Application: This ice maker machine is compact and comes with a carrying handle for easy portability and handling. You can use it in multiple applications such as in the kitchen or take it to a party or gathering to provide the ice you need.
  • Self-cleaning Function: This ice maker comes with an advanced self-cleaning feature, which not only saves your time and effort in cleaning, but also ensures that you can enjoy clean ice. Simply press and hold the “On/Off” button for five seconds after adding water to enter this mode.
  • Bullet-shaped Ice Cubes: The stylish and beautiful bullet-shaped ice cubes won’t stick together easily and are perfect for making iced coffee, cold drinks, frozen food or first aid. You can also eat or chew these ice cubes directly into your mouth to get a cool sensation.
  • Transparent Cover& Indicator: A transparent lid is mounted on top of the ice maker, which allows you to see the ice-making process at all times. The control panel has three indicators and one button, making the operation of the countertop ice machine easier.

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