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The Alpine Hemlock hand dryer is a high speed automatic hand dryer with a unique design offering a blue light for hand drying efficiency. With its powerful 22000RPM motor the Hemlock hand dryer will dry your hands in just 10 seconds which is faster than other competitive high speed hand dryers and is great for high traffic areas. The Hemlock Hand dryer can save you thousands of dollars a year in paper towels and electricity. The Hemlock hand dryer has a plug-in option for fast and easy installation. The dryer will activate automatically when hands are placed underneath it and will stop when hands are removed. It also features auto-stop function if hands are not removed after 63 seconds.


  • Manufactured To Perfection: This automatic hand dryer is crafted with stainless steel for extended durability and it is both corrosion-proof and lightweight. This reliable bathroom accessory is guaranteed to provide you with ensured long lasting usage
  • Peak Performance &Speed: This is the ultimate hand dryer, 1800 Watts deliver high-speed function with 10 seconds dry time and maximum drying efficiency, reducing harmful bacteria for good hygiene
  • Stylish Design: With a modern, sleek and compact design this stainless steel hand dryer will fit perfectly with your bathroom’s style. It is available in many different colors to choose according to your taste
  • Advanced Technology Applied: In order to provide you with a special product, we used up the latest technology to offer a high-performance and low decibel noise level hand drying device for a quiet and relaxed bathroom environment
  • Save Your Money & Protect Our Planet: As soon as you notice the decreased expenses you will know that you made the right choice and that you will never have to buy paper towels again. Furthermore, with this low power consumption hand dryer you will not only save money but you will help to save invaluable energy as well
  • 10 seconds drying time
  • Can be hardwired or plugged-in for quick installation
  • Blue light for users drying efficiency
  • Powerful 22,000 rpm brush motor at 1800 watts
  • Auto-stop function after 63 seconds
  • 80 decibel noise level
  • 110V-120V hand dryer
  • Automated activation
  • 95% cost savings versus paper towels


  • Brand: Alpine Industries
  • Activation Type: Automatic
  • Bath Accessory Type: Electric Hand Dryer
  • Color/Finish: Copper
  • Material: Stainless Steel
  • Voltage (volts): 120 V