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  • The sensor pads require a hard/rigid surface to ensure proper contact with the mattress and detect all micro-movements (breathing sleep movements). If your crib/bed has a soft or spring base, simply place a wooden board (plywood) under the sensor pad(s).
  • Do not use Babysense with a memory foam mattress or co-sleeper crib types (connected to the parent’s bed).
  • If you have twins (or more!), you’ll need one Babysense 7 system per baby, per crib.
  • The #1 rated, original non-contact movement baby monitor keeps millions of babies safe worldwide, so you can trust Babysense 7.
  • The control unit monitors the baby’s breathing signals tracked by the sensor pads and keeps you notified with audible & visual alerts.
  • 2x Sensor Pads ensure full bed coverage, even when your baby begins to crawl/roll around.
  • Control Unit Holder fits securely on the crib, ensuring a safe installation.
  • Hanging Hook provides more installation options in non-standard conditions.
  • User Manual to learn and enjoy the full potential of Babysense 7.


  • Brand: Summer Infant
  • Display Technology: LED

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