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Beefmaster is a mixture of forage grasses and white clover, formulated for raising stocker cattle, beef cows, and calves. Beefmaster contains endophyte-free soft-leaved tall fescues with improved palatability and digestibility, which increases intake compared to traditional tall fescues. Orchardgrass varieties in Beefmaster are late-maturing and grazing tolerant. Beefmaster also contains perennial ryegrass known for rapid establishment and exceptional forage quality. Remington, the featured perennial ryegrass, combines the yield and disease resistance of a tetraploid and the density, winterhardiness, and persistence of a diploid. Beefmaster also has Alice – a proven, grazing tolerant, large-leaved white clover. The highly productive, high-energy forage varieties in Beefmaster provide the nutrients required for rapid weight gains in beef cattle. Beefmaster is ideal for grazing.


  • Endophyte-free
  • Rapid establishment
  • Exceptional yields
  • Late-maturing – Maintains quality
  • High dry matter intake – Rapid weight gains
  • Persistent
  • Alice white clover – Forage protein and soil nitrogen
  • Covers one acre (43,560 sq. ft.)


  • Brand: Barenbrug
  • Dimensions: 25 x 16 x 3.75 Inches
  • Package Size: 25 lbs
  • Coverage Area: 43560 sq. ft.
  • Grass Type: Mixed
  • Grass Seed Use: New Lawn, Overseeding
  • Landscape Supply Type: Seeds
  • Seed Type: Grass
  • Traffic/Wear Tolerance Level: Any Light
  • Drought Tolerant: No