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  • The Black Jack 2.25-Ton Trolley Jack with Jack Stands kit is a must-have accessory for all automobile owners.
  • Change tires or perform other vehicle maintenance with the help of the Black Jack 2.25-Ton Hydraulic Trolley Jack with 2.25 Ton Jack Stands in Case.
  • With its heavy-duty steel construction, it has the strength to lift a wide range of makes and models.
  • The saddle is shaped to grip the underside and remain securely in place while you pump the handle. It lifts up to a maximum of 13-3/4″ to provide you with clearance and rolls easily along the garage floor on the front and rear wheels.
  • A twist-valve release lets the car down slowly and safely, while the over-pump bypass valve lets off excess pressure.
  • This 2.25-ton trolley jack features a carrying handle for portability and for taking it along in your vehicle’s trunk so you can be prepared at all times.
  • The lifting handle also detaches for transport and storage.
  • Great combination with jack and jack stands for daily use and emergency kit.
  • The case package is easy for your store and carry.


  • Brand: Black Jack
  • Dimensions: 19.37 x 8.46 x 5.31 Inches