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  • Bob has a camera to scope out the environment as he cleans
  • Maps out the environment and knows his location
  • Download bObsweep’s mobile app from app store or Google Play, and you can schedule, control, and track Bob
  • Edge detection sensors prevent Bob from falling off cliffs; they can be paused on the app for Bob to clean dark surfaces
  • Teamwork means Bob’s main brush and twin side brushes spin in tandem to pick up large scraps and bits
  • Boosted dual power TurboLift vacuum makes Bob particularly talented at tackling the toughest of pet hair
  • Highly efficient filter, Bob traps harmful particles, and stops them from getting back in the air
  • 600 ml, Bob’s dustbin is up to twice larger than many of his rivals; his dustbin is waterproof; rinse it, and it’s clean as new
  • Give Bob boundaries to respect using the included NoSweep stripes


  • Brand: bObsweep
  • Amperage (amps): 3A
  • Battery Life (Max): 120 Minutes
  • Brush Bristle Type: Plastic
  • Cleaning Path Width (In.): 5.5 in

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