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  • Hand blender with attachments for blending, chopping, whisking, mashing, puréeing and slicing ingredients effortlessly.
  • Extra-large 8-cup processor includes dicer attachment and kneading tool.
  • iMode Technology offers three speed modes: Low, for soft ingredients, as well as slicing and shredding; High, for blending tougher ingredients; and Pulse, for evenly chopped ingredients without smashing and ice crushing.
  • Active PowerDrive Technology with 700W motor powers through hard foods with up to 40% faster performance than the original.
  • Advanced SmartSpeed technology features an extra-large control button for comfort and control – increase speed with a squeeze of the hand.
  • ActiveBlade technology incorporates a flexible shaft that moves the blade up and down, resulting in a more active cutting surface for finer blending and up to five times finer blending.
  • PowerBell Plus has an extra milling blade for even finer blending; the unique bell shape also helps to reduce suction, splashing and mess.
  • Includes ActiveBlade blending wand, 20-oz. plastic beaker, whisk, purée masher, 8-cup food processor attachment, chopping blade, fine shredding insert, julienne insert, slicing insert, French fry insert, dough kneading hook and dicer.


  • Brand: Braun
  • Overall: 2 3/4″ diam., 16″ long: 8 1/2″-long shaft
  • Weight: 2 lb. 3 oz.
  • Wattage: 700W