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The SCA Gold Cup–certified appliance delivers consistent, optimal brewing with each serving, automatically calculating the precise temperature, speed and waterflow for your desired strength. Choose from light, gold, bold, or even iced. Tea drinkers can enjoy a separate built-in water outlet, dispensing fresh hot water without coffee residue. It’s drip coffee, evolved.


  • ExactBrew System: Delivers consistent, optimal brewing performance in every cup, automatically calculating the precise water flow, temperature and speed for every coffee preference.
  • BrewChoice Plus: Customize your coffee to your liking with the Over Ice, Light, Gold or Bold setting with the touch of a button.
  • FastBrew: Exclusive heating technology delivers a full pot of coffee in under 8 minutes without sacrificing taste.
  • TempSensor System: Three sensors closely monitor temperatures throughout the brewing process to achieve SCA brewing standards quickly and keep coffee at the perfect temperature.
  • MultiServe Dial: Choose your ideal brewing size from 7 different options – from a pod-free single cup, direct serve into a travel mug to a full carafe – with a simple turn of a dial.
  • Freshness Indicator: Always know your brewed coffee is fresh with the visible display.
  • Hot Water Dispenser: A separate, built-in water outlet also lets you enjoy hot tea anytime, without worry of residual coffee flavor.
  • Unique Carafe Design: The long, narrow shape of the carafe traps moisture, preventing a bitter coffee taste from developing.
  • Specialty Coffee Association Golden Cup SCA certification ensures optimal brewing performance to guarantee great tasting drip coffee with every brew.


  • Brand: Braun 
  • 13″ x 7″ x 15″ high.
  • 50-oz. cap.
  • 10-cup carafe.
  • 10 lb.
  • UL-listed; 120V.
  • 13.33 amps.
  • 1600W.