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  • Wet/Dry operation: PL5147 used for dry operational application
  • Permanent Results: PL5147 provides a reduction in just four weeks, with a 74% hair reduction after 12 weekly sessions.
  • Adjustable Settings: SensoAdapt Technology continuously reads your skin tone during treatment. Automatically adapts energy for optimal efficacy and safety.
  • Safe And Gentle: Gentle on the skin, even in the most sensitive areas (face, armpit, bikini), with two sensitive modes that reduce light intensity.
  • Convenient: Head to toe with standard and precision attachments. Suitable for men, ideal tool to tackle hair on the chest, back, arms, stomach, and legs.


  • Brand: Braun
  • Color: White-Gold
  • Shaver Style: Foil
  • Power Source: Plug-in
  • Cord Length: 3 inches

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