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Get warm on your terms with this top-selling wall heater. The Com-Pak is an efficient and affordable way to add warmth without installing ductwork. Our hard-wired heaters have proven safety features and multiple installation options, so your family can enjoy safe, sensible warmth for years.


  • Warm-up in a hurry with a fast-heating coil element
  • Spread the warmth all around with an efficient, quiet fan
  • Rest safe and easy-safety features turn the heater off if normal operating temperatures are exceeded
  • Enjoy trouble-free use thanks to durable, reliable design
  • Powder coating is designed to eliminate sharp edges while providing a durable finish
  • Unique compact design recess mounts discreetly into the wall to maximize your living space
  • Complete unit includes a wall can, heater, grill and thermostat for hard-wired installation into your wall
  • Thermostat temperature range: 40AdegF – 85AdegF
  • The thermostat is in a low position when the knob is turned completely counterclockwise (complete units without a built-in thermostat are also available)


  • Brand: Cadet
  • Color: White
  • Package Weight: 6.85 Lbs
  • Package Dimensions (LxWxH): 4.00 x 9.00 x 12.00 Inches
  • Power Type: Electric
  • Recommended Location: Indoor