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  • The auto close safety gate includes two extension kits.
  • The width of the short extension is 2.75” and the long one is 5.5”.
  • They make it possible to perfectly use different widths of the doorways, hallway or stairs.
  • Place the safety gate at the hallway, doorways or stairs, rotate the bolt until the space between the handle is within 1mm. (Through the reaction force the gap you saw will disappear.)
  • You have finished the installation. (Included 4 Wall Cups and Sticky Pads will help to prevent marks, dents or scratches on walls.)
  • The safety gate has a 10.1 x 7.6-inch small pet door.
  • It can open both sides and allows your small pets to get in and out freely, while small enough to divide large dogs contained.
  • No need to worry about forgetting to lock the gate, since your gate will close itself up to 90°.(More than 90° will stay open.)
  • The door can swing in both directions, allowing it to fit many more spaces.


  • Brand: Comomy
  • Color: Black with fence
  • Material: Metal