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  • Contixo academy pre-loaded educational teacher’s approved apps and learning games: Our tablets for toddlers and kids come with pre-loaded academic 20+ learning games and entertaining apps valued at 150 dollars. From the moment you receive the tablet, your loved ones can play immediately without a Wi-Fi network. Get access to a range of kid-age-appropriate creativity content.
  • Parental control settings – Contixo kids are learning tablets partnered up with Google Family Link, allowing you as a parent to take complete control. With the Family Link Parental Control, you can hand-pick content, control screen time, block unsafe internet content and set educational goals. The security settings can also be adjusted to be more tailored as your child grows.
  • A perfect WiFi Android Tablet for Online Learning – Contixo V8-4 kids tablet features WiFi connectivity and a full range of Google Services. You can download massive educational Apps from the Google Play Store, such as Khan Academy for Kids, Duolingo, ABC Mouse, etc. The Contixo Learning Kids Tablet will provide endless age-appropriate content, and ensure safe engagement when you are busy working. An ultimate Learning Academy Partner for every Home.
  • Smart learning tablet for toddlers and kids – A kid-friendly tablet equipped with Android 11 Go OS, 1.5GHz Quad-Core Processor, and 16GB storage. The intelligent tablet has a 7-inch shatter-safe HD touchscreen display with dual cameras and 189 language settings, including Spanish. 
  • Long-lasting battery time – Our children’s tablets have a 3,100mAh battery that allows for up to 6 hours of mixed usage on a single charge, making it convenient for long flights, camping, and road trips. With 16GB of onboard storage, you can also add up to 128GB with microSD for extra storage.
  • Kids-proof screen protector and case – Our learning tablets for toddlers and kids come equipped with a 3-layer screen protector to protect the screen from scuffs and scratches. You also get a specially designed protective case to help keep the android tablet protected from dust, bumps, and minor drops. Kid-friendly right out of the box, the Contixo V8-4 Kids Tablet comes with a stylus, a tough bumper with a built-in kickstand and a shatter-free safe screen.


  • Brand: Contixo
  • Dimensions: 9.00 x 8.00 x 1.50 Inches
  • Weight: 1.5 lbs
  • Color: Blue
  • Operating System: Android 10.0
  • Features: Goolge Family Link, Kid-Proof Silicone Tablet Cover