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The Elite Platinum Jumbo Electric Skillet sears, fries, grills, roasts, stews, and more making it easy to cook your favorite food in just one appliance. With its heavy duty non-stick black stone finish, clean up is easy. The fully embedded M-Shaped heating elements are superior in heating faster and more evenly. Use it to cook anything from eggs and sausage to hamburgers and steaks, even sauté your favorite vegetables. Features a tempered glass lid and cool-touch handles for safe and easy serving cook and serve directly out of the skillet! Designed for both style and function, the heavy durable cast aluminum base prevents any warping from high temperatures and the high side walls prevent food spillage. Using the Easy-Pour spout, you can easily pour contents out of the skillet for serving sauces or soups without having to use a ladle or spoon.


  • Unique fully embedded/cast-in M-shaped heating elements for faster, even heating
  • Tall, straight sides prevent splatters
  • Easy-pour spout and cool touch knob and handles
  • Extra large size, thick cast aluminum body
  • Extra deep drip tray allows water to be added before grilling to eliminate smoke
  • Trigger release temperature control probe up to 400 degrees F and fully immersible with control probe removed


  • Brand: Elite Platinum
  • Dimensions: 22.52 x 7.76 x 15.35 inches

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