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  • One view, with the rack, and ends sloping upward, displays a slightly modern Eastern flair. Flip it over with little effort and it’s a whole new design!
  • It should be noted that if two of these racks are mounted inline, one sloping upward and the other sloping downward a decorative wave is creatively created.
  • Constructed of superior hot rolled, high carbon, steel, and Enclume’s Signature Hammered Steel finish with a protective clear coating to deliver our expected beauty, durability, and strength for lasting value and enjoyment.


  • Brand: Enclume
  • Type: Hanging
  • Dimensions: 17” H x 34” W x 16” D
  • Weight: 15 lbs
  • Hook Height: 4.5”
  • Finish: Hammered Steel
  • Material: Steel
  • Number of Pot Hooks: 12
  • Hook Type: S’Hook
  • Weight Capacity: 65 lbs


  • 12 Pot Hooks
  • Mounting/Installation Hardware