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Compact and Convenient Garden Soil- Our premium coconut fiber potting soil is dehydrated and conveniently packed for easy storage. When ready to use, just add water to the coco coir brick water and it will effortlessly expand to 20 Gal. worth of fresh potting soil. Adding this coconut coir mix to your gardening routine will make it thrive even more. Versatile Uses. Coco Peat is capable of satisfying a wide range of needs. Husk-fibers, derived from the shells of coconuts make this mulch durable enough to use in landscaping, garden beds, or grow bags but remains gentle enough to use with orchids and other potted plants. You can even add peat moss if you want to make it a mix of coir and peat moss. Great for All Plants. Made of high-quality material, this mulch blends well with soil or fertilizer, making it a great addition to any farming and gardening care routine. The combined benefits of low natural salt content, a balanced pH, and minimal odor make this coco coir medium a perfect way to stimulate healthy growth for all plants. Helps Conserve Water. The lightweight fibers and coir pith particles of this excellent mulch allow for proper aeration of plants and roots, producing a more even and beneficial water flow. Its abundant water capacity and increased moisture retention allow for a more even distribution of water to roots, meaning plants will need to be watered less often.


  • Coarse And Chunky Coco Husk Chips – Planting chips are ideal for growing plants that don’t require soil. Tropical plants, orchids, anthurium, and other plants thrive in coco chips growing media; less water is required due to better moisture retention.
  • Coco Fiber Bricks Expand With Water – Each 10 lb coco peat block expands to 2.8 cubic feet of coco coir garden soil when you add 1 gallon of warm water. Our premium coconut fiber potting soil is dehydrated and conveniently packed for easy storage.
  • Coco Coir Garden Soil – Coconut coir is a great pH-balanced soil amendment for all types of plants, promoting healthy plant growth and strong roots. Coco coir soil can be mixed into any soil mix to improve its physical and chemical properties
  • Better Growth With Coco Coir Bricks – Each coco block has a fine and porous texture which allows for proper aeration and water drainage. Coco coir has a high water-holding capacity allowing for excellent air space which reduces the watering frequency.


  • Brand: Envelor
  • Weight: 10 lbs