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7 x 19 wire rope is constructed of seven strands of nineteen wires. 7 x 19 is stronger than 7 x 7 and has excellent flexibility and good abrasion resistance. Superior strength allows for multiple uses, such as guy wires, net suspension, animal leash, tether lines and winches.


  • Steel with galvanized finish for good weather resistance
  • Heavy duty
  • Working load limit of 840 lbs.
  • Maximum working load limit that shall be applied in direct tension to a new and undamaged wire rope
  • Do not use for overhead lifting, do not exceed the working load limit


  • Brand: Everbilt
  • Rope Diameter (in.): 3/16 inch
  • Coating Material: Vinyl Coated
  • Features: Weather Resistant
  • Gauge: 0.1875
  • Hardware Color Family: Gray
  • Material: Steel
  • Working Load Limit (lbs.): 840