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Twisted Nylon and Polyester Rope is desirable rope material due to its strength and durability. It is, acid, mildew, rot, oil and gas resistant. Warning: Avoid using a knot; splicing is preferable. Knots reduce the strength of the rope up to 50 percent. Do not use this product for overhead lifting, support of human weight or athletic equipment, or other situations where personal safety or valuable property can be endangered. The working loads shown should never be exceeded. Additional care must be exercised when using this product under shock (stress, jerk) conditions. These conditions can reduce working loads by as much as 33 percent. Never stand in line with rope under tension; such a rope, particularly nylon rope, may recoil (snap back). Never use this product to secure large flat surfaces or objects, which could airplane or dislodge through buildup of air pressure. All ropes should be replaced if signs of wear, such as broken fibers, are apparent. Misuse can result in serious injury or death.


  • Contains 1 or more of: nylon, polyester, polypropylene
  • Twisted rope must be fused and taped on each end to prevent unraveling
  • White color
  • Working load limit of 1,420 lbs.
  • Working load limit is a guideline for the maximum allowable weight capacity of a new rope
  • Twisted design


  • Brand: Everbilt
  • Material: Nylon
  • Features: Abrasion Resistant, Weather Resistant
  • Product Length (ft.): 150 ft
  • Rope Diameter (in.): 3/4 inch
  • Color Family: Whites
  • Fastener Type: Non-Wire Rope
  • Working Load Limit (lbs.): 1420

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