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  • Get what your body needs. Our Active Mineral technology adds calcium, potassium, magnesium and other minerals your body needs right in your water.
  • Trust your water again. Powerful UV sterilization eliminates viruses, coliform, E. Coli, bacteria, microorganisms, algae and more
  • Smart filtered sediment: outer layers catch the coarsest contaminants and the inner layers catch finner contaminants, which means your filter lasts longer and gives you the best value
  • The highest contaminant reduction-rated membrane, density-graded membrane film ensures that you get the most filtration and surface area coverage
  • Be confident – support from experts who can answer any of your questions about your home’s water


  • Brand: Express Water
  • Dimensions: H 10 in, W 12 in, D 13 in
  • Weight: 11 lbs
  • Pack Size: 11