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  • Reverse Osmosis Replacement Water Filters: Experience what water should taste like with the Express Water reverse osmosis water filtration system removes up to 99.99% contaminants. Water Purification System: Drink the healthiest water on Earth. All water filters are specially engineered to work together, producing the safest and best-tasting water you’ll ever drink.
  • Reverse Osmosis Filter Replacement Set: Each Express Water replacement filter is specially designed to work together and complement each other. Get the cleanest water and the best value in your filtration.
  • Replacement Water Filter: Express Water filters are made with the highest quality materials for long-lasting filtration and value.
  • Alkaline Filter: The Alkaline Mineralization filter uses a five-stage mineralization process to create the freshest, best-tasting drinking water the same way as the healthiest natural water sources on Earth.
  • UV Water Filter: Powerful UV water sterilizing bulb eliminates viruses, coliform, E. Coli, bacteria, microorganisms, algae and other living organisms from your home’s drinking water.


  • Brand: Express Water
  • Dimensions: H 10 in, W 12 in, D 13 in
  • Weight: 11 lbs
  • Filtration Method: Activated Carbon, Alkaline or Calcite, CTO, Carbon Block, Coconut Shell Carbon, GAC, Nanofiltration, Polypropylene, Sand, Sediment, Ultraviolet Light
  • Number of filters included: 11

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