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Eyoyo 1D Wearable Ring Barcode Scanner, a New Arrival Finger Barcode Scanner for You.


  • Not only with a fashionable and stylish appearance but also with a 30g/1.05oz lightweight and completely mini design, making you to take it to anywhere more convenient.
  • 3-in-1 connection mode with Bluetooth& 2.4G Wireless & USB Wired, along with powerful bar code decoding capabilities, fast scanning speed, and long transmission distance.
  • What’s more, equipped 450mAh rechargeable battery can continuously work for 10 hours after being fully charged.
  • Ideal for organizing and cataloging your barcodes, no matter if you run a book store, online store, a sales shop, or work in a warehouse.
  • Compared with a common wired handheld barcode scanner. It can increase 10%-30% productivity!


  • Brand: Eyoyo 

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