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This pump works its magic by circulating water out of the pool, through a filter, and back again. The pump also features an energy-saving plug, which allows you to set a time for how long you would like your pump to run. With everything you need to keep your pool water pristine, this Flowclear pool pump kit is a must-have! The 1,000 gal. Flowclear Filter Pump is recommended for use with 300-5,100 gal. (1,100-19,300 L) pools and works perfectly with Type III-A/C filter cartridges. Put the fun in function with the Bestway 1,000 gal. Flowclear Transparent Filter Pump – which is compatible with almost all above-ground pools, no matter the brand.


  • Water flow (pump capacity): 1,000 gal./h (3,785 L/h)
  • For use with 300-5,100 gal. (1,100-19,300 L) pools
  • Includes adaptors for pools with skimmer-style pumps
  • 110-120 V energy-saving plug allows you to set a timer for your pump to automatically shut off
  • Contents: 1 filter pump


  • Brand: Flowclear
  • Dimensions (L x W x H): 7.68 x 7.09 x 14.57 Inches

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