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Nothing makes movie theater popcorn at home like the Franklin’s Original Whirley Pop Popcorn Machine. From the first sizzle of the oil at the bottom of the pan to the buttery popcorn bursting out the top, steamy and delicious, you and your family will enjoy the full experience of making popcorn at home. Easy to use, the agitating hand crank is smooth and easy for anyone to turn during the popping and keeps each kernel ready to pop up fresh and delicious. The extra-large 6 qt kettle is made of aluminum which distributes heat better than stainless steel and cools down quickly to prevent your popcorn from burning. All metal gears are used in the patented stirring mechanism which prevents sticking or burning as the kernels are stirred until every kernel is popped. Clean-up is a snap! Simply wipe down with a wet paper towel after each use.


  • Expertly Designed: Patented stirring mechanism on an aluminum pan to make the best popcorn at home
  • Easy To Clean: simply wipe out between uses. Lid detaches for easy cleaning
  • Versatile Popper: Use with our easy portion packs or our jars of popcorn, salt, and oil
  • Add Mix Ins: Toss in your favorite snacks right after cooking and customize your popcorn experience


  • Brand: Franklin’s Gourmet
  • Assembled Product Dimensions (L x W x H): 16.60 x 11.60 x 7.70 Inches