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Detecting EMF, ELF, EF, RF from all electronic devices but not limited to. EMF-390 can do more than what you see here. It is not only a tool but also a teacher. Users will learn and discover invisible worlds from it.


  • Multiple high sensitivity sensors were installed for detecting Power lines, Smart meters, Cell phones, microwaves, etc.
  • Identify/recognize the common possible sources, such as Power line, Cell Tower, Microwave, Static, etc.
  • Safety suggestions let you understand the current situation instantly.
  • Detects 5G network signal and RF up to 10Ghz
  • Built-in RF Spectrum analyzer and GQ RF Browser for real-time RF monitoring.


  • Brand Name: GQ
  • Item Weight: 10 Oz
  • EF (Electric Field): 0-1000V/m, Res: 1 V/m
  • RF: 0.02µW/m² ~ 9999mW/m²
  • Detectable Frequency: up to 10GHz
  • RF Spectrum Analyzer: 50– 65MHz, 65 – 76MHz, 76 – 108MHz , 300 – 348MHz, 387– 464MHz, 779-928MHz ,2.4 – 2.504GHz