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 It features a 225º adjustable light, so you can shine the light exactly where you need it. With 3 brightness settings, you can adjust the light for a small area or completely illuminate your workspace with up to 850 lumens. Extra points for its mobility and mounting. The compact design makes it portable and easy to store while the recessed hook allows you to mount the light in a place where you need it most. Whether you move around a lot, like a brake job, or do a lot of work on a wide area, the hook gives you multiple hanging options. Includes: Folding project light, (1) 20V 1.5Ah battery, charger & operator’s manuals.


  • Complete workspace illumination with up to 850 lumens
  • Direct light output with 225º adjustable lighting
  • Adjust light output with 3 brightness settings
  • Recessed hook for multiple hanging options
  • Compact design provides portability and storage
  • Works with all HART 20V batteries


  • Brand: Hart
  • Dimensions: 11.81 x 3.07 x 14.96 inches