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ILIFE V5s Pro-W robot vacuum and mop feature exchangeable dirty tank and water tank assembly. With a dirty tank set in, V5s Pro-W can vacuum dust, debris, and pet hair on floors. Tangle-free suction technology makes it an expert to pick up pet hair, an incredible helper for a pets-owned family to tackle hair mess. By replacing the dirt tank with the water tank, it starts mopping mode to damp mop stick-in dirt and stains to reinforce the cleaning thoroughness. Powered by a 2400 mAh Li battery, the robot can clean up to 100-110 mins at a full charge and automatically return for recharge. Grab an ILIFE V5s Pro-W robot vacuum and mop, and enjoy an easy life!


  • Vacuuming, sweeping, damp mopping three in one, suggest using mopping feature after vacuuming the floor to achieve peak cleaning performance
  • With a tangle-free pet hair care technology, V5s Pro-W focuses on picking up hairs, dirt, debris on hard floors
  • V5s Pro-W will automatically each charging dock when the battery gets low. It means always ready to clean with sufficient power.
  • A full suite of red infrared sensors enables it to detect and avoid obstacles and stairs and optimize the cleaning route.
  • Max mode allows the suction strength to increase 2X instantly, best practice to apply where dirt, debris are highly concentrated.
  • 76 mm low profile design to make sure it can clean under sofa and bed where dirt is hard to reach.
  • 4 cleaning modes adjust to different cleaning needs. Auto clean to randomly clean the entire floor, edge clean to clean along the wall and around corners, spot clean when intensive clean is needed, scheduling clean to preset working time for V5s pro-W to clean regularly.


  • Brand: Ilife
  • Dimensions: 11.80 x 11.80 x 3.00 Inches
  • Weight: 4.93 lbs