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Bring the smoky, mouthwatering taste and aroma of sizzling steakhouse eats into the comfort of your kitchen. The innovative Kalorik PRO 1500 Electric Steakhouse Grill uses gas-free technology to cook premium, culinary-grade steaks safely in your home. Ceramic superheating elements reach up to 1500°F in minutes, working to caramelize the steak’s exterior, while sealing all the juices and flavor inside. The result. A deliciously crispy crust, and succulent, juicy interior. Adjust time and temperature via the easy-to-use digital display. With maximum heat exposure and a unique multi-level design, the KALORIK PRO 1500 Electric Steakhouse Grill cooks your steak just how you like it. The stainless steel sauce pan collects juices that drip during cooking, great for making rich and flavorful sauces and stocks. Cool-touch housing and an active fan cooling system ensure safe handling. The grill comes with a 2-in-1 handle for moving the racks during cooking. The handle also doubles as a bottle opener. Dishwasher-safe parts and grooved lining on the interior walls can be easily removed, allowing for thorough cleaning of the appliance. The included nylon cover protects your grill during storage.


  • Professional-grade performance for premium, steakhouse-quality steaks
  • Ceramic superheating elements reach up to 1500°F in minutes
  • Indoor, gas-free technology can be used in the comfort of your kitchen
  • Creates a crunchy, caramelized exterior and juicy, flavorful interior
  • Grills restaurant-style burgers, pork chops, chicken, fish, veggies, and caramelized desserts like creme brûlee and bread pudding
  • Digital LCD display with easy-to-use time and temperature functions
  • Removable parts and stainless steel interior are easy to clean
  • Includes 2 dishwasher-safe grill grates, 2 resting plates, sauce pan, a nylon cover to protect grill during storage, and a 2-in-1 handle which doubles as a bottle opener


  • Brand: Kalorik
  • Color/Finish: Stainless Steel
  • Cooking Area (sq. in.): 74
  • Features: Built-In Timer,Dishwasher Safe Parts,Temperature Controls,Temperature Display
  • Maximum Heating Temperature (Fahrenheit): 1500
  • Wattage (watts): 1600

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