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Unique styling on this item allows the heat to be delivered at floor level for all-over warmth starting at your feet. The rising warmth surrounds you in total comfort. The unit has a heat regulator which adjusts heat output as the temperature changes, leading to the elimination of hot and cold spots. The space-saving design is so that unit can be placed at the wall and out of the way, without sacrificing performance. For added safety, this fan-forced model possesses a 360 degree tip-over switch. An illuminated On/Off switch finishes off the unit.


  • Automatic air flow heater
  • Uses fan forced heat to spread warmth throughout the room
  • Adjusts heat output as the temperature changes
  • Unit adjusts from 750 to the maximim 1500 watts as needed to maintain comfort


  • Brand: Lasko  
  • Dimensions: 15.00 x 7.00 x 13.00 Inches
  • Power Type: Electric

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