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How do you make the best even better? Simple, you listen to what your customers want and you make it happen. Easier to maintain…done! interchangeable parts with the original tool….done! Less parts in the trigger…done! No composite parts in the trigger… done! Add a raftor hook…done! The NV83A5M is not only a tool for the pro, it’s also the tool that provides an answer to the pro’s needs. Relying on the same cylinder valve drive system as the original NV83A, the NV83A5M offers both a rapid response and some serious driving power. The side load pop-out magazine only adds convenience to an already awesome tool.


  • Power And Speed: Cylinder valve drive mechanism provides quick response and rapid, powerful driving
  • Applications: For wall sheathing, roof decking, subflooring, packing and crating work, and more
  • Selective Actuation: Selectable trigger mode; choose contact or single sequential actuation mode
  • Fasteners: Accepts 16° wire coil nails from 2-IN – 3-1/4-IN
  • Lightweight: Only 8.8 lbs (or 9.1 lbs if the rafter hook is installed) lightweight and well balanced for easy maneuverability
  • Quick Reload: Side load pop-out magazine for fast and easy reloads
  • Rafter Hook: Can be positioned on left or right side depending on user preference
  • Hardened Claw Tip: Resists wear on the nose and minimizes slippage when driving at an angle or toe-nailing
  • Open Nose Design: Allows for easy extraction of a jammed nail


  • Brand: Metabo
  • Maximum Nail Length (Inches): 3.25
  • Minimum Nail Length (Inches): 2
  • Housing Material: Plastic
  • Maximum PSI: 120