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  • It’s easy select trigger lets you move quickly from single nails placement to contact actuation for maximum control and application versatility. 
  • The easy read and tool-free depth of drive lets you quickly adjust the depth setting without having to reset the airline pressure. 
  • The self-cleaning air filter extends life and prevents dirt and debris from entering the tool. 
  • The adjustable air deflector with a muffler directs exhaust away from the work area. A reload indicator lets you reload before firing blanks. 
  • The rear-loading magazine with bypass pusher allows smooth and fast reloads. 
  • The adjustable rafter hook allows for hanging of the tool in multiple positions and is removable.


  • Brand: Milwaukee
  • Product Dimensions (DxWxH): 20.8 x 4.9 x 14 in
  • Air Inlet Size (in.): 1/4 in
  • Nail Gun Angle: 21 degree
  • Maximum Fastener Size: 3-1/2 in
  • Minimum Fastener Size: 2 in
  • Minimum Recommended Air Delivery SCFM @ 90PSI: 1.1
  • Minimum Recommended Operating Pressure (PSI): 70 PSI2