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  • DOES NOT MEET CALIFORNIA REQUIREMENTS, CAN NOT BE SHIPPED TO CALIFORNIA – Ultra Quiet Multiple Speed Air Purifier covers an amazing 3,500 sq. ft.
  • Negative ION Filtration- Adjustable negative ion generators can remove contaminants such as smoke, pollutants, allergens, bacteria, and more which helps keep your air clean
  • Uses 2 Ceramic Ozone Plates- Easily removed and washed by user. Ozone can be reduced or eliminated by removing the Ozone plates from the back of the unit. 2 Ozone plates are included with the Air Purifier
  • OZONE is only for use in Unoccupied areas
  • Produces 750 mg per plate for a total of 1500 mg with both plates installed


  • Brand: New Comfort
  • Dimensions: H 12, W 8, D 9.75
  • Color: Cherry
  • CADR (Clean Air Delivery Rate): 210
  • Effectiveness (%): 99.975
  • Control Type: Analog
  • Maximum coverage area (sq. ft.): 3500
  • Voltage: 120 V