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Orange Whip Full-Sized Trainer for improved rhythm, flexibility, balance, tempo, and strength.
Orange Ball: The orange ball replaces the clubhead and allows you to focus on swinging without worrying about the position of the clubface.
More flexible: very flexible shaft to enhance feel, lag, and a load of the club.
Counterweight design: Patented Orange Whip Golf counterweighted design for precise feedback.
Rhythm: The ideal golf swing happens in one smooth, relaxed motion from start to finish. The flexible proprietary shaft in Orange Whip trainers promotes the need to swing in rhythm, creating synchronization between your arms, upper body, and lower body.
Balance: Learning how to help your wrists support the weight of your club helps you balance your swing. The Orange Whip counterweight design teaches through habit, showing you when you’re swinging the club incorrectly each time you fall off-balance during practice.
Strength: This training aid doesn’t just help stretch your golf muscles; it also helps build them! Weighing heavier than a standard golf club, the Orange Whip provides a low-impact workout that strengthens your swing with each session. Trying different-sized options is the best way to find your perfect match.


  • The Original 1-Rated Golf Training Aid: Don’t settle for imitations. The Orange Whip has been voted the first Teaching and Training aid by PGA and LPGA Professionals for a reason: it’s simply the best.
  • Patented Counterweight System: The Orange Whip Trainer increases your flexibility and strengthens your golf muscles through its proprietary weighted and counterweighted system. There’s nothing else like it! Improve your range of motion while avoiding injury. Strengthen your swing power while maintaining control.
  • Simulates Athletic Swing: The proprietary flexible shaft coordinates the rhythm between your arms, upper body, and lower body. Swing over and over to develop your own tempo and balanced swing for consistent shots on the golf course.
  • Instant Feedback: Any wobble in your swing indicates a need to improve tempo and balance. Receive instant feedback with each swing!
  • Premium Quality: The difference is in the quality you can feel. Handmade in the USA with American parts. Features a patented flexible shaft and counterweighted system.


  • Brand: Orange Whip
  • Length: 47 inches
  • Package Dimensions: 47.5 x 3 x 3 inches
  • Package Weight: 1.85 pounds