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2-speed modes The Orfeld 1505 juicer adopts two speeds, soft/hard, it can extract a variety of fruits and vegetables to meet different needs. The reverse function can reduce the food residue in the crushed juicer and avoid clogging. Easy to Assemble and Clean Click one button to disassemble the juicer in a few seconds, you can easily clean the juicer. All detachable parts are made of food-grade materials and can be cleaned in a dishwasher. 90% Juice Output and Nutrition Maintenance 7 segments spiral auger opening up each cell for maximum juicing fruits and vegetables, slow masticating can produce up to 90% juice output, which is higher than most juicers. Quiet and Safe Operation Below 65 decibels, you can prepare morning drinks without disturbing families. Equipped with an intelligent protection chip, the juicer automatically stops working every 20 minutes to ensure security. 5 Seconds Fast Cleaning The innovation design changed the industry’s hard-cleaning problem, time to say goodbye to time-consuming and laborious, and the history of juicer inseparable from the stainless steel strainer!


  • Generate the highest juice yield
  • More nutrients retained
  • Less oxidation
  • Quiet operation
  • Easy assemble & cleaning


  • Brand: Orfeld
  • Color: Silver
  • Dimensions: 15.50 x 12.20 x 7.68 Inches
  • Weight: 6 Pounds
  • Juice Yield: 90%
  • Speed: 2 speed+ Reverse function
  • Power: 150W
  • Rotating Speed: 85-110RPM
  • Noise Level: 65dB
  • Dishwasher Safe: Yes