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  • Never Worry About Hidden Leaks Again: From drip leaks to catastrophic bursts and everything in between, Phyn gives you the tools to ensure that your home is watertight.
  • Real-Time Leak Alerts: SMS or push notifications from the free Phyn app alert you at the first sign of a possible issue and can connect you to a plumber in minutes.
  • Diagnostic Plumbing Checks: Turn off the water at the main, run a plumbing check, and in minutes you can detect hidden flaws such as poor seals and pinhole leaks in your water system.
  • Self-install: You can easily install it under any sink with 3/8″ hot- and cold water lines and a power outlet. No plumber is necessary.
  • See Your Water And Save: Track your water use daily and monthly, and see how your home compares to others. Over time, Phyn learns your plumbing system and gives you insights into your water use down to each fixture.
  • Pre-Freeze Warnings: Get you notified before freeze conditions set in, providing precious time to take action and avoid damage from frozen pipes.
  • Intelligence In Action: Phyn learns about your plumbing system as soon as it’s connected and gets to know the unique voice of your fixtures to recognize the subtle difference between a bath filling and a pipe leaking.
  • Smart Home Integrated: Use voice commands to learn about your water use. Phyn works seamlessly with Amazon Alexa, and Google Assistant. And with IFTTT you can have Phyn trigger actions with other smart home devices.
  • Requirements & Compatibility: Phyn Smart Water Assistant needs your home to have a Pressure Regulating Valve (PRV) to perform at its best. Installation requires WiFi and a power outlet under a sink that also has 3/8″ hot and cold water connections.
  • No Subscriptions: The Phyn app and all of its features are free and available to download for iOS and Android.
  • Multi-Property: Monitor water use and receive leak alerts for up to six properties from one account in the Phyn app.


  • Brand: Phyn
  • Color: Matte Black