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Choose between standard grilling/searing or succulent, rotisserie-like results by hanging the meat vertically, putting it right in the center of the heat. The PBC Package includes everything you need to get started making an enormous variety (and quantity.) of the best food you’ve ever tasted.


  • Includes both stainless steel hooks to hook-n-hang your meal and a standard grate for grilling and searing
  • Large 3,500 cu. in. capacity comfortably allows for hanging 8 racks of ribs, 2 turkeys, or multiple other combinations of meat and vegetables
  • Included coal basket is sized for the ideal amount of charcoal for the perfect cook
  • Adjust the simple-to-use vent based on your elevation and the PBC does the rest
  • Unique design makes the PBC simple to operate, producing consistently impressive results with minimal hassle compared to other cooker options
  • Smoking chips may be used, but are not required (nor necessary)
  • Package includes everything you will need to get started: 2 hanging rods, 8 stainless steel hooks, standard grill grate, charcoal basket, and hook remover tool
  • Our cookers are made to be lightweight and compact to fit in most vans, SUVs, and truck beds. Use the handles on the side to easily lift and transport to wherever your grilling skills are in demand.


  • Brand: Pit Barrel Cooker 
  • Dimensions: H 36 in, W 25 in, D 19 in
  • Product Weight (lb.): 56 pounds
  • Cooking Space (sq. in.): 324 sq in
  • Hopper Capacity (lb.): 60
  • Material: Steel

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