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  • When packed, it’s 9.5 x 26. When opened and inflated, it’s 28 x 77.
  • There is a built-in pillow in the pad as well, so you don’t need to bring your own!
  • It’s compact and lightweight, making it perfect for any trip. The 3-inch thick pad ergonomically supports all your pressure points, giving you superior support and comfort all night long. Built long and wide with smooth comfortable fabric, it’s big enough for adults to sleep on.
  • The insulation makes it suitable for all climates, including winter cold.
  • The self-inflating portable camp mat inflates super quickly! Just make sure to completely inflate it by blowing a bit of air into the valve after it self-inflates.
  • It has 2 dual-action air valves to inflate and deflate the mattress faster.
  • The sleeping foam pad has an R-Value of 9.5, with thermal insulation, keeping you warm from the cold ground. It’s made of durable, outdoor-grade materials, such as Laminated 30D Rip-stop Nylon and the TPU Layer.
  • It is 100% waterproof, tear resistant, and super quiet to sleep on.


  • Brand: Powerlix
  • Color: Navy Blue
  • Material: Cotton, polyester
  • Care: Machine Wash