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This Pro+Aqua portable water softening system gives you better water in your boat, RV or pressure washer. It helps remove metals, sediment and rust, plus it regenerates in under 30 minutes for continuous use. It’s also easy to use with a compact design.


  • Premium pro features: wide 10-3/8 in. base for maximum stability on uneven surfaces; high flow ports for minimal pressure drop and 5 GPM flow; the 16,000 grain capacity will provide up to 40 days (2,000 gal) of softened water depending on your hardness and usage; additional female adapter included for backwash (WS-P-REG-KIT kit available for faster regeneration); conditions well or city water; reduces calcium, magnesium, iron, lead, radium and other heavy metals; ready for use in five minutes
  • Premium value: this portable softener and conditioner produces twice the gallons compared to a standard model and is a compact, measuring about 10 in. x 19.5 in. total size
  • Top capacity: designed for portability and durability, this unit is the perfect choice for serious RV/boat owners, carwash detailers or any outdoor person or professional looking for a mobile softener; regenerates in under 30 minutes with two boxes of table salt to get you back on the open road; use the optional two-in-one ws-p-reg-kit pre-filter/regenerating kit to easily regenerate
  • Built tough: designed in California and built with high grade NSF materials, this mini unit will keep on producing great soft water for years to come; the tank inner shell is made of high grade polyethylene and reinforced with a durable fiberglass wrap; the polyethylene inner shell houses the NSF-certified, food-grade premium resin; the unit has 3/4 in. high flow in/out garden hose ports with a removable head and comes fully assembled with riser tube and premium top and bottom distributors
  • Ready for use: the standard garden hose connections allows it to easily connect between the park faucet and your RV, boat or pressure washer; the unit comes fully assembled, charged and ready for use and requires no tools or electricity to operate and get started; included is a female to female adapter to allow you to backwash the unit when regenerating without the optional ws-p-reg-kit two-in-one prefilter/regenerating kit
  • Includes all the accessories you will need; one-piece main portable water softener unit, one-piece tank jacket, one-piece female garden hose fitting (pre-attached on in port), one-piece male garden hose fitting (pre-attached on out port), one-piece garden hose quick connect adapter, one-piece shut-off valve, one-piece Y shut-off valve, one-piece female to female garden hose adapter and one-piece premium heavy-duty water hose


  • Brand: PRO+AQUA
  • Includes: Installation kit
  • Iron reduction (ppm): 7
  • Maximum Grain Capacity (grains): 16001
  • Maximum hardness removal (grains per gallon): 95
  • Output between refills (gallons): 1600
  • Quantity (cu. ft.): 0.5
  • Regeneration time (min.): 30

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