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  • 2.2 Quart Capacity For 1 To 3 Servings: This electric air fryer’s 2.2-quart size is perfect for small families, couples, and students since it fits 1 to 3 servings.
  • Great Taste With Little To No Oil: Food stays crispy on the outside and moist inside, making it ideal for fries, chicken wings, steaks, seafood, vegetables, and even baked goods.
  • Fast Preheating And Cooking With 900 Watts: Since the air fryer cooks faster than a traditional oven, you can skip the long wait and avoid heating the whole kitchen.
  • Adjustable Temperature And 30-Minute Cooking Timer: Cook from 200 to 400 F for up to 30 minutes with this hot air fryer. The beep tells you when your food is done.
  • Easy To Clean: Food won’t stick


  • Brand: Proctor Silex
  • Dimensions: 11.60 x 8.90 x 8.90 Inches
  • Weight: 24.25 lbs
  • Capacity: 2.2 Quarts
  • Power: 900 Watts 

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