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Ambush Hoop Nets are optimized for catching lobsters and crabs. The steep angles offer more volume and help to retain more of your catch, especially for the taller stature of larger crustaceans such as lobsters. The stealthy blue-ocean vinyl coating protects the rigid steel frame and top ring from the elements and almost disappears in the water blending in with its underwater environment. Promar Ambush Nets are supported by 6 fixed welded posts providing solid and stable hauls. These nets come complete with a patented built-in bait pouch and weighted steel ring, a heavy-duty black harness, and a quality bridle float. Match these nets with a Promar Hoop Net Pro-Kit for turn-key rigging.


  • Stealthy blue ocean- vinyl coating
  • Heavy-duty commercial-style bridle float
  • Heavy-duty harness
  • 6 solid welded posts
  • Steep angles


  • Brand: Promar
  • Dimensions: 36.00 x 36.00 x 7.00 Inches
  • Color: Blue