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The SNT180BL Blue Genuine Stack and Nest Tote are Heavy-duty, tough, Reusable totes. These proven containers are excellent for storing and transporting your valuable items in any application. Heavy-duty, tough totes are reliable.


  • Available in blue, gray, red and clear
  • Heavy-duty, tough totes are reliable
  • Can be acquired in different colors to aid in inventory control
  • Totes can also be placed on dunnage platform to keep stored goods off the floor
  • To save storage space, totes can be stacked on top of each other


  • Brand: Quantum Storage Systems
  • Color/Finish: Blue
  • Lid/Top Mechanism: Detached
  • Material: Plastic
  • Shape: Rectangle
  • Storage Capacity: 3.5 GA-Gallon
  • Storage Features: Durable, Heavy Duty, Nestable, Stackable

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