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  • A Perfect Size for Your Family: This air fryer is equipped with a larger internal cooking area, with a capacity of 5.8 quarts. With the ability to serve 3-6 people at a time.
  • Touch Control Screen: The control panel is a large LED touch screen, just set the frying time and temperature according to the amount of food. Easy to operate, very suitable for beginners.
  • 5 Original Presets: 5 preset menus are available for easy cooking: Steak, French Fries, Chicken, Fish, Cake. We can select preset options from the menu button to start with one click.
  • 360° Rapid Super Hot: Air fryer oven utilizes the new technology of 360° constant hot air circulation. This new technology of 360° hot air circulation cooking food make food more evenly heated and very crispy taste.
  • Enjoy Meals & Less Fat: The solution to healthier and easier cooking. Roast, Bake and Grill with No or Less Oil! Enjoy splatter-free cooking!


  • Brand: Sanptent
  • Color: Black

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