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  • Mutil-Scene Application: The heated water hose can prevent water from freezing down to -45℉ (-42.7℃), and its unique intelligent temperature control system thaws ice into the water gradually. A heated water hose is made certified drinking water safe hose. It can be used in RV, camping, chicken coops, homes, and gardens. Helping countless families stay away from the problems of water usage in extremely cold weather.
  • Smart Automatic Heat System: Smart self-regulating external thermostat is ideal for water hoses from freezing to -45℉ (-42.7℃). After rigorous laboratory testing, the heated water hose for RV has strong cold resistance, ensuring that the water flows unimpeded in extremely cold winters. At the midnight in most parts of the US, the temperature drops to -35℉ (-37℃), so German designers created it for Americans considering the weather of the US.
  • No Leaking: The engineers have carefully researched in the laboratory for many years, and after tens of millions of tests, the fifth version of the heated hose was finally born. In the spirit of being responsible to customers, we have the strength and confidence that the water hoses handed to each customer will not leak. Easy to install, there are instructions and videos to help each customer install water hoses.
  • Durable And Safe Material: Durable exterior jacket protects rv heated water hose and smart system from damage or exposure. Certified RV drinking water hose won’t leave your water tasting like plastic or leach harmful chemicals into your water. The four-layer tough water hose design and firm stainless steel connectors ensure that the water hose does not leak water and is extremely flexible.


  • Brand: Scilulu