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3 piece dual lane race track is easy to assemble, durable, and built to last. Kids learn about momentum, speed, and gravity and use their imaginations to think up new ways to race and compete. The durable, dual-lane track keeps raceways from falling apart during the competition and keeps the play going strong, but it is easy to store when playtime is over. Built to withstand the toughest of kids, the Fast Track Downhill Raceway is easy to assemble and built to last.


  • Zero to fun in 3,2,1! Kids love speeding down sloping hills to the finish line on the Fast Track Downhill Raceway! 
  • Provide hours of entertainment and teach kids about gravity and momentum with this indestructible two-lane racetrack.
  • This ultimate dual-lane racetrack is a super durable 3-pc track that is built to last and has wide lanes to fit the most popular cars and monster trucks.
  • Set accessories include two toddler-sized race cars and racing decals that kids will love.
  • Easy to put together – only 3 pieces to assemble instead of multiple pieces of track. 
  • Easy to clean. Quick and easy setup and storage.


  • Brand: Simplay3
  • Dimensions: 80.50 x 8.50 x 22.75 Inches

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