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As your child gains confidence in their Step2 Up & Down Roller Coaster™, add the Step2 Up & Down Roller Coaster Track Expansion Pack™ to create a longer ride and higher platform! The included booster step adds an additional 5 inches to the loading platform, and the track expansion provides just over 4 feet of ride-on toy track. Upgrade your child’s classic and Anniversary Edition Up & Down Roller Coaster toys with this track expansion pack for even more ride-on toy fun! Each roller coaster toy in the Step2 catalog challenges gross and fine motor skills and build self-confidence as little ones learn to master the balance and coordination necessary to reset the coaster car all on their own. Now your Step2 roller coaster can grow with your child and create new challenges to champion developmental milestones.


  • Now their favorite roller coaster ride-on toy can grow with your child for tons of fun!
  • Track expansion pack adds 5 inches to the roller coaster toy loading platform and 4 feet of roller coaster toy track.
  • Continue to challenge kids’ motor skills and build confidence with the larger roller coaster toy configuration.
  • Made EverTough™, the Up & Down Roller Coaster Track Expansion Pack is uniquely indestructible, ready to outlast hours of playtime fun ride after ride!
  • Track expansion pack is compatible with our award-winning coasters: Step2 Up & Down Roller Coaster™ and Step2 Anniversary Edition Up & Down Roller Coaster™.
  • In the box: 2-piece booster step and track expansion piece.


  • Brand: Step2
  • Color: Red

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