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SUGIFT Evaporative Air Cooler Portable Fan Conditioner Cooling


  • Energy-efficient: SUGIFTmulti-function evaporative cooler is a combination of fan’s air circulation and humidifier’s purification. Compared with a window AC unit, one of its biggest advantages is the fact you can use this compact swamp cooler in rooms with or without windows, it’s easy to install and doesn’t require any modifications. Thanks to its specific feature of preserving energy, you can enjoy personal cooling and freshness with fewer bucks.
  • Customized Breeze To Your Taste: The 3 in 1 smart evaporative air cooler can quickly cool air with its high-efficiency motor. With a whole range of options like High-Med-Low fan and Sleep/Normal/Cool mode, better for small and medium spaces like an atrium, living room, bedroom, kitchen, den, garage, and office. Enjoy your personalized wind just the way you like. Feel refreshed and cool now with this portable evaporative cooler.
  • Remote Control and 65°Oscillation: The compact evaporative air cooler comes with 0.42 sq. ft large louvers, you can manually adjust the front louvers in any position. You can also use the remote or the control panel to point the build-in fins right at your to enjoy the impressive coolness or oscillate them up to 65° wide oscillation to circulate air throughout the room. Benefit from the powerful wind of 455 CFM, which can quickly cover your area up to 170 sq. ft. No more move around.
  • Humanized Double Watertank, Ultimate Comfy: No need to bend over with the topwater tank! It is friendly to the elderly and pregnant women. Press the ‘COOL’ button for powerful cool, loading it up with ice cubes and ice packs for best use! The smart sleep mode provides a comfortable climate at alternating speeds, making it healthier to enjoy all-night sleep with a 12-hour timer setting, and you don’t have to refill the unit in a good 8 hr run. Feel refreshed and take on a new day!
  • Lightweight Easy to move: This electric evaporative air cooler is lightweight 9 lbs and portable. It is more convenient to move with the gliding casters and the built-in handle. No matter where you need cool air, from the bedroom to dorm room to recreational trailer. Its compact size can easily fit into any small area, like under the desk and dining table. Keep this unit in mind when portability is top of your mind.


  • Brand: Sugift
  • Assembled Dimensions (L x W x H): 21.25 x 11.02 x 9.89 Inches
  • Weight: 9 lbs
  • Color: Black + White
  • Power: 65W
  • Voltage: 110V/60HZ
  • Airflow: 246.6 CFM
  • Water Tank Capacity: 3L
  • Timing: 7.5hours


  • 1 x Air Cooler
  • 2 x Box of ice crystal
  • 1 x Instruction