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Adjustable Design: The guide arm can be easily adjusted to 5 positions with 1 screw, which is convenient and quick to use. Easy to Install and Use: “L”-shaped mounting base is easy to install with four grooves reinforcement. The roll tube has an automatic locking and rewinding function. When locking, it sounds like a click and can fix in length, lightly pulled, automatic rebound, and convenient storage. High Quality and Durable: 4 non-knotted rollers effectively reduce the abrasion of the hose. The high-quality mixed polymer rubber hose has good flexibility without cracking. And it is resistant to water, oil, abrasion, heat, and low-temperature weather (still working in an environment of 14°F to 149°F) with a maximum working pressure of 300 PSI. Use Scene: The air hose reel can be installed on any surface such as the floor, wall, ceiling, etc. according to your needs. It is very suitable for conveying water, pressure fluid, thin oil, gas, etc. It is a tool room for factories, auto repair shops, and garages. Ideal tool for other workplaces, etc.


  • Durable and High-quality Hose The hose is made from flexible hybrid polymer; with its 3/8”(10mm) diameter and 50ft (15m) length, is designed to be sturdy. While the air pressure inside could reach to 300Psi, contributing a lot to the professional or DIY work.
  • Auto-rewind and Auto Locking You can pull out the hose from the air hose reel and loose your hand at a certain distance, then notice that the hose auto-locks after slightly being retracted; if you want to rewind it just pull the hose out for about 4cm and release it, it will return to the hose reel in a controllable way.
  • Adjustable Design There are 3 parts in the reel designed to be adjustable, making your operation more versatile: one is the cable stopper, it controls the length the hose remains outside; one is the guide arm, you can change the outlet angle of the reel by just unscrewing the nut on its centre and adjusting it; the last one is the mounting base, which can be installed at ceiling, floor or wall, suiting different uses.
  • Easy to Assemble The hose, as well as the reel, is easy to be installed; unlike other reels with handles, this one can wind the hose onto the reel automatically to decrease the possibility of kinking, greatly increasing the work efficiency. The strong spring contributes to the smooth pull-out and retraction.
  • Widely-applied The swivel fitting on the end of the hose can be connected with many types of compressors, the hose reel doesn’t take up much space, it is also easy to be carried around.


  • Brand: Tacklife

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