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Tired of the housework and no time for your kids? Here comes the Tovendor T108 Robotic Vacuum. This robotic vacuum cleaner can well deal with the floor cleaning task. Don’t waste time on meaningless things and spend more on your family and interests.


  • 3 Clean Modes Up To 2000Pa Suction ensures pet hairs, dust, confetti, and large debris are picked up completely, especially suitable for removing dirt on tile and hardwood floors.
  • Controlled By APP, Touch, And Remote Control, you can easily create a home clean schedule. You are informed of the cleaning area, working time, and remaining battery level on the phone.
  • Edge Clean Mode, Auto Clean Mode, Spot Clean Mode satisfied your different needs. You can control where it goes. It also records the total cleaning time to remind replacing the brushes and filters. Carried up with 2600mAh Li-ION battery, the auto robot vacuum runs up to 120mins and it will go back to the charging base automatically when the remaining battery is lower than 15% or it finishes vacuuming.
  • Smart Navigation And Anti-Drop Protection: Tovendor robotic vacuums can climb up to 15° which allows it to work on the hardwood and carpet non-stop and clean thoroughly.


  • Brand: Tovendor
  • WiFi Connectivity. 2.4GHz Only (5GHZ not Support Yet)
  • Dustbin Capacity: 580ml
  • Low Noise: Under 65dB
  • Li-ION battery: 2600mAh
  • Working Time: 120 Mins (Quiet Mode), Auto Return for Charging Lower than 15%