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  • UV light: using clean UV-C sanitizing light, it has an effective sanitizing mode without the use of chemicals or liquids that can leave residue
  • Gyroscope navigation technology: self-navigating sensors that use mapping technology that learns your home- it creates and remembers a cleaning path for each room
  • Powerful motor: with 2000PA of suction power, smart clean sweeps comparable smart vacuums under the rug
  • Anti-collision and cliff sensors: prevent the vacuum from bumping into walls and tumbling down the stairs
  • Knows when to charge: automatically docks and recharges its Lithium-ion battery for up to 100 minutes between charges
  • Complete cleaning system: the smart clean has side brushes, a roller brush, a large 500 ml capacity dustbin, HEPA filter and rubber terrain wheels that roll from hardwood floors to carpet with ease
  • Quieter clean: quieter than comparable smart vacuums, smart clean operates at 62 dB which can be equated to normal conversational levels or soothing background music
  • 4 cleaning modes: choose your cleaning needs from auto clean, spot clean, edge clean and manual control
  • Voice command clean: smart clean is Wi-Fi-enabled and will easily sync with Alexa or google assistant
  • Remote or app control: you can choose between the included remote control or use your own smart phone by downloading the Tzumi smart home app


  • Brand: Tzumi
  • Amperage (amps): 2600 A
  • Battery Life (Max): 105 Minutes
  • Cleaning Path Width (In.): 6.3 in
  • Material: ABS Plastic

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