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Whether you’re new to composting or you’ve been doing it for years, you’ll find our process hassle-free. It just takes 3 steps: Put scraps and clippings into Chamber 1 to start the process. When full, fill Chamber 2. Rotate the bin daily. Results will take a few weeks, depending on the weather and ingredients. Dump the compost in your desired location. Use a rake to help disperse. With built-in dual chambers, our compost machine produces rich compost in a matter of weeks. We added sliding doors with a secure design to keep critters at bay. This composter also features an aeration system that promotes efficient composting. Durable, rust-proof, and UV-proof, this product makes composting possible and will work well no matter the season.


  • 42 Gal Dual Chamber Composter – Get rich compost in the shortest time possible, depending on the weather and your compost ingredients, between 2 to 3 months or less, when compared to a single chamber machine. This 42 gal composter with dimensions of 27.6 × 25.8 × 36.6 in from Vremi has two chambers allowing you to add fresh scraps and clippings on one chamber while the other works to finish composting.
  • 360° Tumbling Design – No need to mix and dig into your compost pile with your bare hands. Let the 360° tumbling system of our compost bin do the job for you, minus all the mess and stress. For best results, rotate daily. Rotating is hassle-free through built-in sturdy handles and the 8-sided barrel body design.
  • Secure Sliding Doors and Aeration System – This compost machine has sliding doors added as a design. Aeration ports and deep fins help improve air circulation, break up the clumps in the chamber better, and mix in more oxygen into the compost, speeding up the composting process!
  • Straightforward Operation for Beginners and Pros – Whether you’re a novice or a pro at composting, you’ll find our compost tumbler easy to use. It just takes 3 easy to follow steps to make the compost. With large openings and easy-to-open doors, we’ve also made adding scraps and clippings and removing the finished compost from the bin trouble-free.
  • Turn Garbage to Compost to Treasure – This durable composter lets you enjoy the many benefits of composting. One is a healthier garden as compost helps improve soil quality. Harmful chemical fertilizers may also be replaced with compost, so growing an organic garden is possible. Through composting, you get to recycle kitchen waste and do your part in reducing landfill waste. Start showing your love for the environment through the use of our all season composter!


  • Brand: Vremi
  • Dimensions: 25.80 x 27.60 x 36.60 inches
  • Weight: 21 pounds
  • Color: Green
  • Material: UV Inhibited Polypropylene Housing and Powder Coated Steel Frame