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  • Made for large area spraying and is effective for evaporative cooling of barns/animal rearing/livestock facilities, use for public sanitation/disinfection of airports, docks, hotels, restaurants, hospitals, public transport, theaters or for controlling humidity in guitar factories, wine barrel storage rooms, small greenhouses, plant preparation rooms
  • Built-in high-speed aerosol distribution, fast diffusion and strong penetration, ULV foggers generate a fog/mist formed of ultra-low volume (ULV) droplets of 0-50 and mum in size and are ideal for fighting pathogens and vector carriers
  • Carry up to 5.8 Gal. with the heavy-duty straps that make this atomizer comfortable to use and a professional commercial feel with at-home uses
  • 1200-Watt motor operates on 110-Volt AC power and can spray up to 15 ft. of chemicals/liquid for maximum fogging. The adjustable knob allows you to easily change the rate of flow of your fogger mid-use
  • XtremepowerUS fogger mist blower comes with an extended coi LED hose for perfect ULV misting. Easily extend this hose above your head to reach plants and garden areas. The large wide mouth opening allows for easy filling and features a screen filter to keep dirt/debris out of the tank


  • Brand: XtremepowerUS
  • Dimensions: H 21 in, W 10 in, D 21 in
  • Weight: 11.2 lbs
  • Water Capacity (oz.): 5.8
  • Sprayer/mister Type: Backpack
  • Battery/Charger: Tool Only